Every Buddy Badger comes with a clip-on badge and a Buddy Badger Oath.

The idea is simple, but the message is profound. Read the Buddy Badger Oath, Wear the Buddy Badger, be a buddy!

Buddy Badger was recently featured in the March issue of the Happy Valley Monthly Magazine. Follow the link to check out the article! Read the article here.

Bud E. Badger was born and raised in the grasslands of North America. Being the youngest badger in his community, Bud was teased and bullied for several years. Learning to always keep his cool and never fight back, Bud was determined to teach others how to be a bud and not a bully.



Buddy Badgers remind you to be helpful, kind to others and a buddy to those in need. The Buddy Badger is a tool to encourage children to interact with each other in a positive way.

Buddy Badger had the opportunity to be a part of the Northwest's largest children's festival, KIDFEST! We had a blast!...take a look.

Today, Bud spends most of his time traveling to various schools teaching acceptance and friendship.


The Baddy Badger Oath was developed as an easy to understand guide for Buddy Badgers to live by. Saying this Oath confirms the dedication and loyalty as Buddy Badgers.

I will be a great friend to others.

I will be respectful and listen to parents and teachers.

If I see someone being bullied, I will tell a parent, teacher or guardian who can help.

Buddy Badgers love to learn.

I will do my homework and read my books.